Trademark Management Software

The Trademark Management Software which provides its user with the power to manage the Trademark Management Software and Trademark opposition cases efficiently, management of due deadlines can be met accurately and a centralized case repository can be created. Intellectual Property Management Software provides user to store trademark inquiries and prepare & store search reports from the registries. It allows conversion of inquiries to case application dockets, and thus one can monitor the inquiry to trademark application conversion failure success ratio. Trademark Management Software provides a powerful engine to manage cases that are handled by the IP law firms. The complete processing, storage & retrieval of case documents is carried out from the Trademark module making the work of IP law firms highly simplified and productive. Creation & management of case details, form, cover letters, pending hearing due dates and renewals is done with ease using software. A template designer helps the staff to create and manage cover letters in word doc format with ease.

Trademark Management Software covers following sub modules:

  • Manage Search Reports
  • New Case Management
  • Manage Case Details
  • Renewal Management
  • Draft Management
  • Certificate Management & Verification.
  • Order Management
  • Hearing Dates Management
  • Trademark Application Forms with template designer
  • Trademark Fees Receipts
  • Review Petition / Appeals
  • Manage Case Billing / Invoice and Payments
  • Billable Hours
  • Manage Opposition & its case handling
  • Post Registration (PR) Publication
  • Manage and Verify Trade Mark Publication & Corrigendum
  • Examination Report & Compliance Management
  • Pre-Template Cover Letter
  • Manage Client documents
  • Post Registration (PR) History
  • Allocate case specific work with deadlines
  • Special programming facility to track Trademark status from Trademark website automatically

Trademark Opposition covers following sub modules:

  • New Case Management
  • Manage Case Details
  • Manage Client Documents
  • Single Screen Case Dockets giving complete case information and list of documents submitted
  • Allocate case specific work with deadlines
  • Pre-Template Cover letter
  • Draft Opposition forms
  • Show cause notices
  • Hearing management
  • Order Management
  • Trademark Fees Receipt
  • Manage submitted forms and facility for viewing case status with due dates & also facility for exporting it to Excel
  • Manage Case Billing / Invoice and Payments
  • Manage Billable Hours
  • Review Petition

Trademark Management Software Reports :

The powerful reporting tool generates reports of each and every section of trademark application filing and its opposition. (E.g. renewals of trademarks for current month). Print or Export comprehensive reports with custom field selection, desired date ranges and filter parameters.
  • Trademark application & opposition case summary Report
  • Renewal Due Report
  • Trademark Gazette Publication Report
  • Inquiry Report
  • Inquiry Search Report
  • Hearing Report
  • Trademark Fees Receipt Report
  • Billing Invoice
  • Billable Hours
  • Payment collection and due Report
  • Form submission Report
  • Allocated work Report