IP Docketing Management Software

Intellectual Property Management Software transforms the office of the IP Attorneys, Owners, Advocates & Solicitors paperless. IP Docketing Management Software is designed to manage complete work flow for intellectual asset managers to eliminate errors and never miss important deadlines. IP Management Software helps to track current & pending status of cases including hearing dates, submissions and communications.

A New Generation of Intellectual Property Management Software is Here. IP Management Software covers the entire lifecycle: trademark docketing software, patent docketing software, copyright management software, manage reports, renewals, hearing scheduler, ip management portfolio strategy tools, trademark gazette watch tool, trademark opposition tracking software, trademark journal software for India, UK, USA.

Dash Board

It is the first screen of IP Management Software consisting of Alerts for Current work and Due work with dismiss facility to remove alert when work is completed and also it has Hearing module with quick link.

Visitor Management

Our intellectual property management software also provides the facility to store the details of visitors in database and can be retrieved when it is required as it has a searching option to ease the task and reduce time for searching any visitor and also one can export that file into Excel format.

Masters Management

Ip Law Firms and IP Owners can create, define and manage masters to configure modules as needed and add more with flexibility as you grow your business. Masters help you to define set values of classes, registry offices, year, departments, alert types, nature of applicants, nationality, case status, receipt types, form types, order types, client document types, domestic and foreign associates, branch offices, inward – outward types and agents.

Inward / Outward

The foremost important function of a IP law firm is a accurate registration of inward and outward documents and its correct processing. IP Management Software is designed keeping in mind the requirement of a powerful tool for creation and management of inward / outward document. Intellectual Property Management Software offers a state of art reporting tool with filter parameters like from to dates, specific case details, client wise names, etc which can generate comprehensive reports to track day to day inward / outward documents making the tracking process highly productive and time intelligent.

Client Management

The Theme of client management is to provide all department quick and accurate client information from common repository for all correspondence and filing. Centralized Client Management solution to store and retrieve complete client details with applicant names and company profile and its version of previous history.

Hearing Dates Schedule

Intellectual Property Management Software provides a scheduler with monthly calendar to store upcoming hearings and its status. Quick Access Calendar to view scheduled upcoming hearings which also allows to update the status of the hearing once attended by the lawyer.

Case File Library

All documents with their specific names and date with categorization are stored in the case library section. It will be complete repository storing all the documents and correspondence created / uploaded at various stages. The files will have restricted access on role basis i.e. the users can view only those cases for which they are granted rights.

Pending Work Alerts

The intellectual property management software tracks the upcoming renewals as well as allows users to set the renewal dates of the IP. IP Management Software helps the firm never to miss any renewal date and provides alert for upcoming renewals due within any specific range.

Renewal Management

IP Management Software tracks the upcoming renewals to help the IP law office not to miss any renewal dates. The open structure of the IP Software allows the user to set customized renewal date reminders to adapt changes in future rules.

Inquiry management

In our Intellectual Property Management Software Inquiry module manages the leads and inquires coming up from the prospective clients. IP Management Software stores the complete tracking of the inquiry by referencing each with a unique number. IP Software allows to submit search reports based on the inquiry, convert leads into applications and analyse the client conversion and generate reports for success to failure ratio.

General Reports

Intellectual Property (IP) Management Software includes the general reports which are generated from Trademark, Design, Patent, Copyright modules :

1. Visitor Report
2. Client Report
3. Branch Report
4. Associate Report
5. Inward Report
6. Outward Report